Allowing What Is To Be!

Have you ever considered how life would be different if you allowed what is in this moment to be rather than resisting what is?

It is a topic that has come to my attention many times in life, and at times I thought I would understand and do my best to let go.  Then I became aware that yes it is easier to let go than to hold on, and it is totally effortless to allow and observe what unfolds.  And the funny this is, what is – IS in this moment, whether you allow it or not.

We often resist situations that arise in our lives, because we don’t like them or they don’t fit into our plans, yet the truth is, what is – IS!  No amount of not liking it will change what IS in this moment, though our attitude towards what is can have a dramatic impact on our experience of what we are experiencing.

A recent experience has reinforced this truth in my life experience.  I became suddenly very tired, though with workshops to run and speaking events approaching, I ignored these signs and pushing against them.  Until the tiredness became so overwhelming that a blood test result revealed an autoimmune disorder.  When I finally stopped, the stopping resulting in 2 months of sleeping 14 – 20 hours a day, still with some resistance.

The interesting part of this experience is that it was not until I stopped struggling with the illness, and my beliefs around what illness meant, that my body began to show signs of healing.  By opening to the experience of physical illness, there has been so many learning’s revealed to me, that otherwise I would not have seen.

In this stopping, I was reminded how important each moment is.  That when I allow each moment to be exactly as it is, how effortlessly life flows.  It may flow differently to how I would have “planned” it, though it seems to unfold so much more beautifully than I could have ever expected.  When my mind hops out of the way, life is exposed in it’s fully glory.

It was another reminder that;

I am not the mind

I am not the body

I am not my emotions

I am not my thoughts

So who am I?  Who is it that observes the body, mind, thoughts and emotions?

The more that you become aware of that which observes all in this gift called life, the greater the experience of this life as the gift that it is.

Just for this moment, stop and turn awareness to awareness itself. That which is aware of deep sleep, that which is aware of the coming and goings of thoughts and emotions.

What is – IS!  There is no effort involved in what is, the only effort is the resistance.  The resistance can come in many forms, including comparisons.

As humans we are gifted with intellect yet that gift we often turn against ourselves and compare ourselves to others and where we think we should or could be, rather than accepting and loving where we are now, allowing that to unfold and reveal to us the magic of the moment.

There is only this moment, the infinite moment.  Allow yourself to experience it fully by allowing the emotions to rise and fall as they do.  Stop, even for just a 1/4 of a second and welcome the emotions as the rise.  Be still.  Observe the emotion, even take the name of emotions off it and observe the energy moving.  It will take less than a second, and in such a brief moment, such wonderment can be revealed to those whom are watching.

A battery is charged with both a positive negative energy, both equally important. As we humans have both positive and negative emotions, both have significant importance also.  Though as a culture, we do our very best to push away our negative emotions and slap on a happy face.  Negative emotions play an important role within this experience of life, they are wonderful indicators of what is happening at a subconscious level.  The key is to allow the emotions to be here and pass through without the attachment to the story of why the emotions came about.

Observe judgements and let them drop away. When you find yourself saying this is right or wrong, allow it to simply BE as it is, neither right nor wrong.

What is – IS in this moment.  Allowing what is to be here, without judgement, simply observing opens your experience of life to wonderful new understandings of this gift called the present moment. Problems seem to arise when label a situation or object as right or wrong, when it simply just IS!