If you are like most people, being stressed is quiet easy.  So how do  you not do stress in day-to-day life?

Be in this moment… yes this moment, not tomorrow, or yesterday, right here in this moment.

John Lennon said it well when he sang, “Life is what happens to you, when you are busy making other plans”.

Stress is what happens when the mind begins to project the past into the future, suddenly you feel your body tighten and  you  become and feel uptight.

The mind is made up of memories, so when you have a problem, be that a new or old problem, the mind goes searching through its recorded memories to find a solution.  If it cannot find an answer it will then project the past into the future.  And the past may not have even been something that you personally experienced; it may be from a story you were told or even a TV program that you viewed.  It’s all there, recorded in the mind.

Really the mind is saying, “I don’t have an answer”, yet you still find yourself looking to the mind for an answer.  As Larry Crane says, it’s a little like if you kept looking into an empty filing cabinet over and over again…it’s empty.

So how do you stop stressing and find the answers you are looking for?

My first suggestion is to ask yourself  “Can I let go of trying to figure this out?” . Now this is a decision, and because you no longer wish to feel stressed, the answer will of course be “yes”.

The next thing is to check in and see what is here in this moment, is there any of that problem here right now?  You might still think there is, but check and see is that problem here right now?  What is here now, in this moment?

When the mind is living in the horizontal world, as in the past and future, it is busy, noisy and constantly trying to conceptualise and develop strategies for the future.  In this mind-set, you are most likely missing the beauty of the present, through being  occupied in the future, which may not even come.

When you bring your awareness to this moment, the vertical world, you will notice a sense of calm and stillness.  The mind at first, will probably pop in and tell you “This is boring this quietness, nothing can be accomplished here” I am going to suggest that you observe any thoughts of this nature and simply allow them to pass through.  Enjoy the calmness.

You might then like to spend some time in this space, you could even call it meditation time, where you simply observe your thoughts as though you were watching clouds passing across the sky.  Just watching, nothing to change.  Notice how the thoughts pass by.  And if  you find your mind chasing any thoughts, as soon as you become aware of that occurring, bring your attention back to your breath, and the space between each breath.

Enjoy that space, the calmness which is at your core!

These simple questions can assist you to start experiencing more of your true self and the bonus can be that incredibly the answers to your problems start to reveal themselves in perfect time.  You will notice that answers will start to appear in ways you have never thought of, intuitive flashes, inspiration or random acts of kindness appear.

The true beauty is the awareness of each moment and the gift that this moment presents, when you are present.