Are your emotions affecting your health?

Chances are, they might be.  We often try to control our emotions, which can lead to suppressing them. In the long-term suppressing emotions can have a strong impact on your body, leading to digestive problems, headaches and even the extreme, cancer.

Some of the stronger emotions that many people don’t want to experience are fear and anger.  I have often heard people say, “I just don’t want to let my anger out, because I don’t know what the consequences might be”.  Fear and anger often entwine. The fear is not so much of the anger itself, but of the projecting of anger and anger being out of control.

There are other ways to experience emotions that do not involve either suppressing or projecting them, which both you and your loved ones, and colleagues may benefit from.

1.  STOP… When you become aware of an emotion rising, STOP for just a moment, even half a second and allow the emotion to be there. You may become aware of a burning sensation, churning in your stomach, tightening of your shoulders and neck, maybe even a clutching tight feeling in your chest.

However it presents, simply STOP and allow those sensations to be there. No need to judge the emotions, simply observe them for a moment.

You will begin to notice that these emotions will begin to dissipate of their own accord and you will feel lighter and freer than ever before.

2.  Change the way you view emotions.  Emotions are simply energy, energy in motion. Energy is always moving, so when you try to stop energy from passing through your body, ie suppressing it, it begins to churn in your body and can often lead to physical problems and discomfort. “This too shall pass” is a great motto to have in life, particularly with emotions.

Observe emotions as the energy that they are, just passing through. There is nothing you need to do as such, except simply observe.

3.  Be the captain of the ship, the ship called your mind.  When you find your mind fixating on a memory, a problem or the future ask yourself, “Can I allow that memory to be the memory that it is?” This is a decision and you get to choose.  You are not your thoughts and it is choice for you to make, which thoughts you are going to spend time with, so ask yourself “Could I let this go?” and let it go.

By integrating these simple tools into your every day life, you will begin to notice a sense of peace and calm within.  You may even begin to notice that you are less affected the little things that were once a problem to you. That’s got to be good for you and your body