What stops you from loving fully?  Have you ever thought about it?  When you feel a rising of love inside of you, and you stop yourself from expressing it fully.

What would happen if you did allow yourself to love fully?  Truly opening your heart to other, or really it is to yourself, being vulnerable.  Could it be the fear of being hurt?

What is the worst that could happen if you allowed yourself to truly love?   Sure there may be hurt or pain involved, what if you were willing to experience that hurt too?

Experiencing the hurt without the story of what caused the hurt.  What happens then?   Do you suffer in that experience of hurt or does the pain unfold into the peace that always present?

Being willing to experience the hurt and pain that is inevitable in life, allows you to fully experience the magic of life.  As Jesus said “When you suffer consciously, there is no suffering”.

Ever twist and turn along the pathway of life is an opportunity to experience life fully.  Even the seemingly painful experiences can become life enhancing.

Are you willing to love fully?