To surrender or to survive, which will you choose?

When we are in survival mode, the mind is constantly projecting memories of the past into the future.  There is worry, the mind-set on the end result.   The mind is judging situations as good or bad, and calculating the best plan to survive what ever the situation may be.

In surrender, there is an acceptance of what this moment presents.  There is no judgement of right or wrong in the situation.  Simply observation of the situation as it unfolds.  Allowing what is to be and understanding that we are merely the instruments of which this play called life happens through. Knowing that, there is always a higher plan, much greater than your or my mind can possibly conceive as to why each and every situation presents.

Each challenge in your experience of life, becomes a life enhancing experience.

In surrender, the mind is at ease, and the heart is the guide.

Which will you choose?