“Before life disappears, use the opportunity to find that which never dies” Osho

Osho shares a  story of the grieving mother and the mustard seeds.

A woman’s husband died young, leaving her with only one small child.   She wanted to finish her life to, but this small child prevented her.  She had to live for this small child.

But then the small child died too, which was too much.  She went around town asking “Is there any physician anywhere who can make my child alive again? I was living only for him, now my whole life is simply dark”.

It happened that Buddha was coming to to the town. People said “You take the child to Buddha.  Tell him that you were living for this child, and the child has died, and ask him to have mercy on you.”

So she went to Buddha and placed the baby in front of Buddha and said “Call him back to life. You know all the secrets of life, you have attained to the ultimate peak of existence.  Can’t you do a small miracle for a poor woman?”

Buddha said ” I will do it, but there is a condition.”

“I will fulfil any condition” she said

Buddha said ” The condition is, you go around the town and from a house where nobody has ever died, bring a few mustard seeds.”

The woman could not understand the strategy.  She went to one house, and they said ” A few mustard seeds?We can bring a few bullock carts full of mustard seed if Buddha can bring your son back to life. But we have seen so many deaths in our family…”

It was a small village, and she went to every house. Everybody was ready; “How many seeds do you want?” But the condition was impossible because they had all seen so many deaths in their families…

By the evening she understood that whoever is born is going to die, so what is the point of getting the child back again? “He will die again.  It is better for you yourself to seek the eternal, which is never born and never dies.”  She came back empty handed to Buddha.  He asked “Where are the mustard seeds?”

She laughed.  In the morning she had come crying and now she laughed, and she said “You tricked me! Everybody is who is born is going to die.  There is no family in the whole world where nobody has died.  So I don’t want my son to brought back to life, what is the point?  Forget about the child.  Initiate me into the art of meditation so that I can go into the land, the space of immortality, where birth and death have never happened.”

This is what I would call a true miracle, cutting the problem from the very root.

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