How often in life do you complicate what is simple?

When I become aware of resistance in my body and mind to simple things such as; I see a person, maybe my partner or child in emotional pain, and I have tried to fix them, pull them out of what they are in, rather than simply to remind they are loved and that I am here, and allow them to be.

So often it is fear that comes up and complicates the situation. Fear when it is met, reveals itself to be nothing! Fear when it is hidden from is a constant game of hide and seek, hoping that it will never find you again. Yet all too aware, that one day, it will reappear!

So why hide from fear?  Why not meet it when it arises?  Let it show you what you have been avoiding seeing for so long.  It may just turn out to be nothing at all, or maybe it will reveal a fearful thought that has been hidden for so long.

I have learnt to recognise the patterns and conditioning that arise within me. In the case of the earlier mentioned scenario, once the desire arises to cheer up the other person that is my cue to stop and look at what I am trying to avoid.  The truth be told is that I don’t like the way I feel when I am around someone (especially a loved one) who is unhappy or in pain/distress, so I want them to be happy, and then I feel better.  I can then meet the pain or fear that is revealed within me that has been triggered.

The awareness of this truth enables me to allow the other person to be as they are, and have the experience that they are meant to be having.

After all, you are exactly where you are meant to be, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing, otherwise you would be somewhere else doing something else.

There is such simplicity in telling the truth.