“Never strive for anything that is not permanent” Ramana Maharshi.

Emotions are a natural part of our human experience. We have times of feeling happy, sad, angry, shy and many other emotions, often all within one day.  I guess it is more our involvement with these emotions that is the “problem” so to speak.  Emotions come and go, rise and fall yet there is something that is permanent that is always observing these emotions and remains unaffected by them.

Self enquiry point within and says “Who is that which observes?”.  Who am I?  I am not my emotions, I am not my body, I am not my thoughts.  So Who am I? Another great question is, “if you do not use your imagination or memories, can you find the me that has this problem?”  See what is revealed.  Through working with many, there has never been one to find the “me”, when memory and imagination were put aside.  The me is a thought, you could even say the ego, the attachment.

So when my mind is questioning anything, I simply ask “Who is questioning” and the questioning that stops.

I spent many years trying to master emotions and change state, though the understanding that is now available is that whilst I am in a body, I will have emotions.  They will rise and they will fall again, if I do not become involved in them and simply allow and watch them.  There is nothing to master as such, simply observe them and allow them to unravel as they will.   This too will pass.