peace, stillness

Stillness speaks

This is a question I have asked many, including clients to family members.  What do your really want?

And what will that thing/event/experience give you that you don’t already have?

For many the answer is freedom.  Whether the it the goal is money, relationship, career, there is an idea of freedom that comes with the thought of having achieved that goal.

Though many have thought that a career position or financial gain was what they really wanted,  yet discovered when the goal was achieved that the relief was only temporary. When a goal is achieved, there is that moment of joy, of peace, the freedom from wanting, quickly being replaced with more searching for that freedom.

So I would like  to ask you again,

What do your really want?

Indian Sage Ramesh Balsekar tells a story of a man who came to see him who had incredible financial wealth, a loving family, friends and all that he could materially desire.  When Ramesh asked this man, as he asked many, so what is it that you really want?  What brings  you  here today?  What is that you feel  you don’t already have?

The man replied “To be totally comfortable with myself”

Ramesh then replied “Peace of mind means  I am never uncomfortable with myself or others.”

Could that be what you are seeking too?

“Enlightenment is the end of all suffering” Buddha