By many it has been referred to as the “I am”, the centre, the core and often experienced as expansion and nothingness, stillness.

It is a place within each of us, though it is a place that is rarely accessed, yet it is closer than your heartbeat.

How do you find this place?

My experience started with the question “Who am I really?”.  Having known since childhood that there was more to this experience than body, the question arose “Who am I?”

If I am not my body? If I am not the story of my life? If I am the emotions that I feel, who am I?  Who is the one who is aware of the emotions and thoughts that come and go.

Papaji shares the metaphor of the wave.  The wave seems so independent, special and separate, yet when the wave breaks it is simply the ocean.

When the ocean is choppy and wild on the surface, deep down in the ocean,  is a calm centre which is totally unperturbed by any of the happenings on the surface.

Could the same be true for you?  Even when there is seemingly chaos, can you find the core of who you are, which is totally unaffected by any of the happenings on the peripheral?

Some great experiments that I recently found online come from Douglas Harding, and are available at