I was raised with the beliefs that I am the doer, that my actions could hurt someone else or please someone else and  that people could hurt or please “me” with their words and actions.  Being honest, there has always been  a feeling that there is more to that.

At one point, I became very goal orientated, always striving for the next goal, thinking somehow I must be getting something wrong when I did not reach my goal.  Not only did I eperience disappointment, there was also a feeling of not getting it right, which often lead to both physical and emotional discomfort.

Why is it that other people could set their goals, focus, act and reach their goals effortlessly, but not me?  Now I am not saying it was always like that, though if I am honest, it was often.

I would also have times when an idea of a “goal” would appear, and it seemed effortless for me to reach it. This puzzled me for some time.  And then I read the writings of Ramesh Balsekar, and it all suddenly started to make sense.

“Consciousness is all and all there is is Consciousness”  Simple huh?  Well maybe for some.

Ramesh reminded me something that I knew as a child that I am not the doer. Everything is happening through this body mind organism.  Even that goal that I didn’t reach and the goal that I did reach seemingly effortlessly, happened exactly according to God’s will. Thy will be done.

Recently, I was speaking with a friend whom I had done a lot of trainings with, especially NLP and she was talking about how she was manifesting many things she desired and that she was in flow with life.  Which is a wonderful feeling is it not?

Though whilst she was speaking the thought rose within, So I asked her “Where did the idea of the goal come from?  Was it yours, or did you merely align with the idea that was already taking form?”

Her reply was “There goes my ego!” as we both roared with laughter realising how we really are not the doer, it happens through us.  I am merely the instrument for which some actions happen through.

The idea of the goal comes through this body mind organism I often refer to as “Me”, which is then followed by the actions the seemingly lead to the goal manifesting, yet all the time it was consciousness working through this “me” and creating exactly what it wanted to happen.  All the time whilst I thought I was so clever, it actually had nothing to do with “me”.  As I often say, it came through me, not to me!

Think about the average day, the things that you thought that “you” did. A thought came, the brain had a reaction and the body responded to that reaction with action. Where did the thought come from that originated the whole process that took place?

Ramesh explains this in his books  Consciousness Speaks and Who Cares, when he deepens the exploration of that I am not the doer and neither are any of the other body mind organisms are around me.  All is happening exactly according to God’s will.

Ramesh often likens it to standing in front of a ten mile painting, I can only see the part of the painting that you are standing in front of.  It doesn’t mean the rest of the painting does not exist, it has always existed, it has always been complete, though I can only see the bit in front of me.

It is not giving me permission to act irresponsible and not care about my actions, that is not within my personality to behave in that way, as it is not in my personality to hurt another.  What this understanding is blessing me with, is sense of peace within.

If I am having problems I now have an understanding that all is happening in perfect order.  Thy will be done.  I have also noticed a deeper acceptance of others.  When once I would find myself frustrated with the behaviours or seemingly doings of others, there is now a growing acceptance that they too are not the doer, it is happening through them.  And the happenings through others will be according to their conditioning, of which they had no say in.

With that comes compassion and love for all.  After all it is all God (Source/Consciousness, whatever name you choose).

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