“Think of yourself as momentary, without a past or future, then where is the personality?

Try this and find out for yourself.  In memory and anticipation, that is in the past and future, there is a clear feeling that there is a mental state under observation, whereas in the actual the feeling is primarily of being awake and present – here and now.”

Reply from Nisargadatta Maharaj, quoted from Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj by Ramesh Balsekar
What remains when the personality is no longer?  As you have gone through life you have experienced many changes in your personality, you may have even worked to change your personality, what has remained the constant regardless of changes in personality?

Maharaj went on to say “… All you can truly say is; “I am” (meaning what is, is).  The moment there is a thought of “me” as a separate personality, there is what is termed “bondage”.  To realise this is the end of all seeking. When you apperceive that whatever you think yourself to be is only based on memory and anticipation your search ends and you stand aloof in full awareness of the false as false.”