Recently a beautiful friend sent me an incredible book called “Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj” by Ramesh Balsekar. I am only up to page 44 yet the clarity that it is revealing is incredible.

I would like to share a conversation between Sri Maharaj and a visitor;

Maharaj: We seem to be convinced that we live a life of our own, according to our own wishes and hopes and own individual efforts.  But is that really so? Or, are we being dreamed and lived without volition, totally as puppets, exactly as in personal dream?  Think! Never forget that just as the world exist, albeit as an appearance, the dreamed figures too, in either dream, must have a content – they are what the dream-subject is.  That is why I say; Relatively ‘I’ am not, but the manifested universe is myself.

Vistor: I think I am beginning to get the whole idea.

M: Is not thinking itself a notion of the mind?  Thought is absent in seeing things intuitively. When you think you understand, you don’t.  When you perceive directly, there is no thinking.  You know that you are alive; you do not ‘think ‘ that you are alive.

Such a beautiful insight, “when you perceive directly there is no thinking”.

A reminder of inspiration/right action arises.  There is nothing to be done to make it appear, for you are not the doer.  “Thought is absent in seeing things intuitively”.

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving until  the right action arises by itself – Lao -tzu

This at first can be a challenging, not doing, not acting unless inspired to act.  A challenge that is worth meeting, stopping, letting the mud (thoughts) settle until the water (mind) is clear.

“The universal manifestation is only in consciousness, but the ‘awakened’ one has his centre of seeing int he Absolute.  In the original state of pure being, not aware of its beingness, consciousness arises like a wave on an expanse of water, and in consciousness the world appears and disappears.  The waves rise and fall, but  the expanse of water remains.  Before all beginnings, after all endings, I am.  Whatever happens, ‘I” must be there to witness it.