Whilst waiting at traffic the other day, due to be at an appointment I was aware of frustration arising.  The thought flashed through my mind “Here’s that frustration again!”

In the moment, it occurred to me that it was in fact the first time I had felt that frustration.

Nisargadatta Maharaj asks us to think of ourselves as momentary beings, with no previous history and no future, simply this moment.

Is not simply the mind replaying and rehashing memories of the past that lead us to believing that we have emotional problems?  Sometimes we feel very attached to stories of the past, even believing that we have a right to these stories and emotions.

Yet, maybe just for this moment, we could view our emotions as simply a happening in this moment, without any attachment or attention to the past.

Witnessing the raw emotion as it arises, without labels. Simply an occurrence in consciousness.

Acceptance of this moment, as it is.  Nothing to change. All is happening in perfect order.