“Self Inquiry directly leads to Self-Realization, by removing the obstacles that make you think that self is not already realized.”

A deeply searching mind – where from the “I” springs.

When you identify yourself as your body, thoughts, emotions, actions, experiences –  there is suffering.  All of these things are merely happenings in this experience we called life or Maya.

Bondage happens when we are of the belief that life is happening to a ‘me’.  Who is this me that life is happening to? Without the use of imagination or memories, can you find the one that you call ‘me’? We can often feel strongly identified with this one we called “me”, after all were learnt it from a very early age.

Initially as a new-born, there was pure bliss in simply being. Sheer wonderment with the simplest of objects – there was no names for these objects, simply amazement.

Becoming a toddler brought with it an identification of “me”. Loving parents would point to the appearance of the child in the mirror, affirming that is “me”, pointing from the appearance to the child. The identification intensifies throughout the toddler years, with “that’s mine” or “Billy’s toy….Katie’s toy” etc “Billy’s toes” and so forth.

I am yet to meet a being, that when all imagination and memories are set aside, can find this “me” when they truly look inside.

Yes there is a body, though that’s not who I am! One day this body will no longer breathe and return to dust.  So who am I really? And  self inquiry begins! Robert Adams suggests that you continue to ask the question “Who am I?” beyond the minds answers.

Slowly  (quickly for some) it becomes clear that I am not the body or mind,  I am that which animates the body.  When there is pain in this body, there is witnessing of pain, yet not experiencing of deep pain.  When there is sadness/anger etc, there is simply sadness or anger, without suffering.  There is witnessing

Recently, I was sitting with my 14 year old son and 11 year old daughter, and we were having a in-depth discussion that he and his sister had brought up.  They were asking some spontaneous questions which prompted the memory of something Nisargadatta Maharaj would ask his visitors.

“What was your original face before your parents were born?”  All tension left my son’s face as he smiled and entered quietude, such bliss. After some time,  he smiled and said “Wow!”.

Moments later, his sister, came into the room holding his Ipod in her hand, and he quickly fired at her “I told you not to touch MY Ipod!”. There is such perfect order to each event, as he was then able to see in that moment, that when he identified with “me”, “mine” etc, he suffered.

“What is not permanent is not worth striving for!” was said by Ramana Maharishi.

A statement that  sparked a search within for this body/mind.   What is permanent? What is unchanging? What is totally imperturbable, unaffected by any of happenings of life?

Who am I?

“Find out what makes the inquiry and the self will be found”

Ramana Maharishi