“Problems come and problems go, yet all problems are just in the mind, in fact, are the mind. Mind and problems are the same. No mind, no problems. Yet, deeper, is there someone having problems, or are there only problems without a doer or perceiver? This is what Robert asks of us: Look within to see if there is someone who has problems.

When we look inward, not at the problem as we formulated it, but trying to find if there is someone who is having a problem, a fear, an anxiety, or a depression, what we will find, if we persevere, is a sense of presence, a feeling of me. This me is the source of all problems. But who is it that perceives this me? Is not the perceiver yet even deeper than me? Isn’t “me” something in my awareness, an object?

Robert asks us to abide in that sense of me or I, the false self, which one day will be penetrated and the illusion of our humanness will disappear replaced by a totality of awareness of all existence and the still consciousness that contains it. Oneness.

Practically, when we look inside for the source of our beingness, two things happen: we relax into ourselves and the problems disappear; we begin to see that none of anything “out there” is really us. The world, my body, happiness, sadness, all are only mindstuff and you are not that mindstuff.

To understand this, you must abide in the self”

–Ed Muzika