Have you ever watched a bubble?I did this morning.  The rain was sprinkling down from the sky as I sat in our sunroom, overlooking the pool, sipping on a cup of chai tea. I watched the bubbles form on the surface of the pool.

Each bubble would form on the surface on the water, looking as if it was separate – maybe even an individual, yet only to burst moments later and be re-consumred by the body of water.  Even when the bubble was there on the surface of the water, it was still water.

A lot like our body/minds.  To many, we look like individuals, separate and free-standing.  Yet really we are appearing on or in the same substance.  Some call this substance God, Universe, Source etc – I like to think of it as all of the before mentioned. Reflections.

When our body/minds are animated with consciousness, it often seems that we are separate individual operating in this world.  When consciousness leaves this body/mind, we too return to what we have always been, both during and prior to consciousness. Who we really are remains, eternally.  With or without the bubble – I mean body… We are all apart of the whole!

In fact, everything is apart of the whole!