“‘Nonduality’ simply means “not two”.

It is a word which points to the non-existence of separation.

In reality, there are no separate ‘objects’ or ‘individuals’.
No ‘inside’ separate from ‘outside’.
No ‘me’ separate from ‘you’.
No ‘seeker’ separate from what is sought.

There is only Life, appearing as everything.
Only Oneness, playing the game of being a world.
Only nothing, dancing as everything.

There is no ‘person’ in control of life.
Nobody there pulling the strings.
No ‘individual’ separate from the whole.
No wave separate from the ocean.

There is nothing to find, because nothing has ever been lost.
Right here and right now, THIS is already the wholeness you seek.
And beyond thought, beyond time, you have always known this.

Life Without A Centre is life – as it is –
seen with brand new eyes.”

by Jeff Foster

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