“This is really the truth about you. You are the microcosm and the macrocosm. When you are working in duality, in ignorance, you appear to be a small human being, and you look around you and you see billions of human beings just like you. You argue with them. You fight with them. You love them. You do all kinds of activities with fellow human beings. But as you work on yourself, and as you begin to rise in consciousness, something tells you that there’s only one. There is not you and I. There’s only the I and the I doesn’t exist.

Do not experiment in the world. How do you experiment in the
world? When you believe those trees are beautiful, beautiful sunset,
beautiful sunrise, beautiful flowers, beautiful people. As good as it may
sound, this keeps you back from awakening. Why? Because you are
identifying with an external cause that does not exist. You do not realize
that the beautiful tree comes from your mind. The beautiful sunset is in
your mind. All of the beauty and all of the ugliness that you perceive is all
within your Self. You are that Self.

So the person who wants to awaken, when they look at beauty,
they realize that they are projecting it. When they look at ugliness, they
realize that they are projecting it. They are both impostors. Two sides of
the same coin. And you start to inquire, “To whom has this come?” Think
about that. When you behold all the beauty outside of the window,
instead of being in awe and admiring it, ask, “Who sees this?’
In other words, the beauty that you see out there, really comes from in here. You
are the beauty. It only exists out there because you exist over here.”

Robert Adams

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