Recently, whilst reading “Prior to Consciousness” by Nisargadatta Maharaj it suddenly became clear that the truth, or essence of who “I” am has existed way before this body began.  It in fact was that which began the heart beating, it is that which grew the body.  It has always been and always will be.  It can never be separate.  It the source (so to speak) on which ALL appears.  How can there be any seperation, like the pattern on a fabric, or the clouds appearing in the sky or the waves arising from the ocean.  ALL one appearing on one.

Not always appearing in manifested form yet ever-present.  Think of the flame, strike a match – the flame appears – the flame goes out, yet it is still present only appearing in form when materials surface.

Much like what we call humans, the consciousness only appears when the matter (body) is there to appear in – when the matter is finished the consciousness leaves that form – though remains ever-present –  formless.

Sometimes the body can feel like a cage, yet when this understanding deeply penetrates – there is simply functioning through a body – no cage.

The body may experience illness or pain, yet there is no suffering when it is realised as an appearance.

This body is a guest, a guest in consciousness. It will leave in time, as time appears with consciousness.  That on which ALL appears on is ever-present – Eternal, formless.