(Atma Vichara)

Think how many years you’ll be going through life,
believing you’re a body, a mind, an ego.
The situations you’ve been through.
The agonies, the ecstasies,
The Dualities.

You’re beginning to seen now that all of those things belong
to the I-thought, to the personal self,
which is not really you.
You are total freedom, having absolutely nothing to do
with the personal self.
You simply have to ask yourself, “Who is this personal self?
Where did it come from? How did it arise?
How did it get a hold of me, and make me believe
I’m human?
That makes me feel I was born? And I have to die?
What is this personal self? Where did it come from?”

And as you follow the personal self, the I-thought,
you’ll begin to see it never existed.
It was never born.
It is absolutely nothingness.
And you’ll become radiantly happy,
Full of Love,
Full of Peace.

By Robert Adams , Silence of the Heart.