There is really nothing to say. Words are superfluous.
The only reason I use words is so you can detect
the silence in the words.
Silence is truth. You cannot explain truth in words.
The words become meaningless, redundant.

The truth comes to you of its own free will
when you prepare yourself through deep surrender
to your Self,
giving up all attachment, giving up your body, your mind,
and everything that’s important to you,
to the Self.
As long as you’re holding on to anything,
the Reality only comes when you give up yourself,
when you give up your ego,
when you give up your needs, your wants,
trying to make something happen, desires.
When you give up trying to become Self-realized.
When you just give up.

Then something wonderful happens.
You begin to expand.
Not your body, but the Consciousness which you are.
You become all pervading. Absolute Reality.
It happens by itself.

Words from Robert Adams, Silence of the Heart.