Feel the Presence within yourself.
Feel the happiness and the joy that you really are.
Feel it! You can feel it.

No matter how many so-called problems
you may appear to have,
no matter what is going on in your life, good or bad,
forget about that. It doesn’t matter.
Feel the Presence. Do not think about it – just feel it.
When you begin to think about it, you spoil it.

Allow the mind to rave on.
Do not pay a bit of attention to the mind,
whatever thoughts it brings you, whatever it tells you.
Pay no attention whatsoever to the mind.
Feel the bliss. You ARE the bliss.
There is absolutely nothing that you need
or have to become.

Do not search for enlightenment or liberation.
You’ll never find it.  There’s nowhere to look for it.
When you look with your senses, where is liberation?
Where’s freedom?
It doesn’t exist.
When you go beyond the senses,
when you pay no attention to the senses
and you go beyond them
by observing them, looking at them,
and not reacting to them,
then you find that you’ve always been in bliss.

Bliss happiness is your very nature.
You are That.

Words of Robert Adams, Silence of the Heart