“…any characteristic you come up with that seems to distinguish one  “centre of  experience” from another will be a physical characteristic. Here/there, right/left, this side of the room/that side of the room. Any dividing line is based on physical properties such as line, extension, shape, contiguity to other shapes.

Yet any shape or line is merely the interface between two colours, which are nothing more than ideas. This is the same for any characteristic. Shapes are nothing other than ideas. Not just visually but even felt shapes like the shape of an arm or coffee cup are ideas. The shape is not apart from the feeling of the shape, and the feeling is not apart from  the awareness of the feeling. It’s all awareness, all the time. This is how there are no separate physical objects. So how can there be separate experiencers?”

Greg Goode, Standing as Awareness Dialogs from Nondual Dinners

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