He, whose mind is captivated by the beauty of a figure sculptured in a piece of rock, forgets even the fact of the rock being its background.

When he rises above this captivation and looks at the figure, he sees the background, rock, which supports the figure.

When the rock thus receives attention, rock is seen also in the figure, and later on the figure is seen as nothing other than rock.

Enlightenment of truth also comes in this manner. Consciousness becomes dimmed chiefly through one’s captivation and abiding interest in external objects.

When one outgrows this interest and looks at the objects it will be found that they rise and abide in Consciousness alone.

When consciousness thus begins to received due attention, it becomes revealed in the objects as well, and they themselves will in due course become transformed into Consciousness.

It is the realisation of oneself and the entire world as one Consciousness that is known as realisation of Truth.

Excerpt from Atma Darshan by Sri Atmananda – Sri Krishna Melon