“II  Atma is the immutable Consciousness that, without effort or any change in Itself, perceives such modifications of the mind.

III  A little thinking will show that this is the principle signified by the word “I”.”

“…The gist of this verse is that the witness’s knowledge, unlike the mind’s, is unattached by change and effort. The sun shines in its own glory. Light is the sun’s very nature or being, not its function. Nor has it any idea to illuminate objects. But living beings perceive objects by the light of the sun. This makes them superimpose upon the sun the function of illuminating objects. In the same way thoughts and objects reveal themselves in consciousness. When the function of revealing is superimposed upon consciousness, it becomes the witness. As a matter of fact, consciousness shines of itself. Light or revelation is its very nature, not its function or property. It is this truth that is set forth in the above verses. When one attains to that higher witness aspect, one will come to realise that it is pure consciousness without even a tinge of witness hood.”

Excerpt from Atma Darshan, Sri Krishna Melon