“…For Consciousness is the common principle of all experience, present at all times and everywhere, no matter what experience is known, no matter when or where.

So Consciousness cannot appear or disappear. Its appearance would require a previous experience where consciousness was absent. Similarly, its disappearance would require a subsequent experience without consciousness. Such an ‘experience without consciousness’ is a contradiction in terms – falsity of fiction that has been misleading constructed by the mind. So while appearance are perceived by body, sense and mind, their seemingly limitations don’t apply to consciousness, their one reality.

The limitations are a misperception, seen through the inadequate and partial reporting of body, sense and mind. The unreal limitations make it seem that there are appearances which disappear. But while they seem to come and go, what they are is consciousness itself. It is their unlimited reality, remaining fully present through each one of their appearances and disappearances.

That is a classical Advaita position, which his unequivocally taken by modern interpreters like Ramana Maharshi and Shri Atmananda. From that position, deep sleep is interpreted as an experience where consciousness is shown as its own content. Deep sleep shows consciousness identical with what it contains, with what is known in it. What’s there revealed is not contentless consciousness, but consciousness itself.”


Excerpt from Some Teachings from Shri Atmananda (Krishna Melon) as reported by Sadhaka Disciple.