Q: If happiness is not conscious and consciousness – not happy, what is the link between the two?

M: Consciousness being a product of conditions and circumstances, depends on them and changes along with them. What is independent, uncreated, timeless and changeless, and yet ever new and fresh, is beyond the mind. When the mind thinks of it, the mind dissolves and only happiness remains.

Q: When all goes, nothingness remains.

M: How can there be nothing without something: Nothing is only an idea, it depends on the memory of something. Pure being is quite independent of existence, which is definable and describable.

Q: Please tell us: beyond the mind does consciousness continue, or does it end with mind?

M: Consciousness comes and goes, awareness shines immutably.

Q: Who is aware in awareness?

M: When there is a person, there is also consciousness. ‘I am’, mind, consciousness denote the same state. If you say ‘I am aware’, it only means: ‘I am conscious of thinking and being aware. There is no ‘I am’ in awareness.

Q: What about witnessing?

M: Witnessing is the mind. The witness goes with the witnessed. In the state of non-duality all separation ceases.

I Am That – Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj