“Q: Something I don’t understand: Usually, in my life, I have a lot of energy to create things and do things. Now this is the second time I’ve come here. It’s like I’ve taken a drug – it’s nice, but the whole day I’m finished. Is all my energy and creativity just mind?

P: Yes! (enormous laughter)

Q: But I can’t lie in bed all day.

P: It’s your energy that brings you here, and when you get here, this same energy is quiet.

Q: But how am I going to do anything?

P: You will do wonderfully well by not doing! You simply stay quiet. Something else is going to take charge of you. You simply watch what happens, and you keep quiet.

You don’t keep quiet; therefore, you are in trouble. Just keep quiet, and let something arise from within: that peace you have never seen before. Keep quiet for some time, and it will reveal itself. This is my advice!”

Papaji Wake Up and Roar – HWL Poonja