” The trance of the mind starts with an unarisen thought. This thought then arises. Unarisen has to arise. What the wave was before was unarisen in the ocean.

So look at the unarisen wave. Waveless space. Look, before it arises, and nip the bud itself. I am asking you to not allow the wave to arise. Before the rise of the wave, it is unarisen thought. Thought has to arise, then arising, then trouble, right? It goes, and then another one comes. Unarisen, arising and then falling. This is the process of life. Realising this is checking the trance of the mind.

Right now, simply invite an unarisen thought. This is to see the den of the bandits, from where they will come to steal and break into your house. Bring up a thought now; invite an unarisen thought to come.(silence)

Now invite a thought. Have a thought come. this is checking the train of the mind. This is vigilance. This is watchfulness. This must be your habit! And this is a natural happiness also. It doesn’t cost you anything.

If you allow a thought to arise, you are in trouble. Then there is the cycle of endless troubles. If you are not vigilant it will arise, and this rise is called samsara.”

Papaji Wake Up and Roar by HWL Poonja