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Sound Foundations

The need for sound foundations is obvious. Defects in them soon become all too evident in the superstructure. We live above ground in the light, of course, but the quality and the safety of the life we live there rests upon what’s below ground in the dark. The gigantic superstructure of our life is falling apart because so much of it is built on quicksand – on unexamined quicksand, at that. In plain language, it’s the basic assumptions that you and I make about ourselves and our status in the world – and hence about the world itself – that are the trouble. (Douglas Harding. Look For Yourself.)



“Q: Is there any way to stop this chatter?

Bob: No. Do you chatter? Understand and watch it. If you haven’t got a vested interest in it, what is going to happen? It is going to die down. You see, when the chatter starts and I attribute it to ‘me’ and ‘I want this’ or ‘I don’t like that’ or ‘He said so and so’ and ‘blah, blah, blah, blah’ – I have a vested interest in it. Now, in that vested interest what is happening? The energy of ‘I’ and ‘this’. The ‘I’ is a thought, and the ‘this’ is a thought. But that energy is opposed to itself. It is a dissipating energy. It is in conflict with itself. But if I understand that there is no centre here and that it is just chatter and I am aware of it, then there is no ‘me’ that wants anything out of it. There is nothing resisting it. It is just what is. Then there is no energy going into it.

Now can a thing live without energy? No! So, in the watching of it, in the awareness of it without bothering about it, in seeing it for what it is, that is false, it is going to die down of its own accord. So, there is no need to try and stop it. In trying to stop it, the mind will be in conflict with the mind. That will get you into all sorts of trouble, which it has done until now.

Q: How do we stop? I see that chatter but I am still giving it value?

Bob: Well, keep watching it and ask yourself who is this ‘me’ that is giving it value? Until it comes up that you see that this ‘me’ is only an idea. Where is this centre? Where does this so-called me start? Look and try and find a centre or a spot in your body which you believe is ‘me’, or in your mind which you believe is ‘me’. Look as hard as you like. If you can find it, you come and tell me! I know for certain that there is no particular place in this body or this mind of which I can say ‘This is where I begin’, ‘This is where it all starts’.

In your own looking you will find that the false cannot stand up to investigation. You are not the hand; you are not your ear; you are not your nose. There is no particular spot where you can say ‘This is where I began’. Have a look at the body. It started off as a single sperm and a single ovum, which were the essences of the food that you mother and father ate. Where is that cell? That would be the centre, that would be the start of it all, but that cell has doubled and redoubled and it is long gone.

From another angle, am I this mind? the mind is just composed of thought. Which particular thought am I? Am I this ‘I’ thought, but where is that ‘I’ thought if I am deeply asleep or unconscious? It is not there! That would be the finish of me if I was that ‘I’ thought. But the breathing is still happening; the functioning is still happening; there is  not centre there.

So when the chatter goes on and you see that there is no centre to attribute it to, then it must lose its hold. It becomes laughable!”

What’s wrong with right now, unless you think about it?  Talks with Sailor Bob Adamson

rmaharishiForgetfulness of your real nature is the real death;
remembrance of it is the true birth.
It puts an end to successive births.  Eternal life is then yours. 
How does the desire for eternal life arise?
Because the present state is unbearable.  Why?
Because, it is not your true nature.
Had it been your real nature, there would be no desire to agitate you.
How does the present state differ from your real nature?
Truly, you are spirit.
Human beings consider themselves limited and that is the root of the trouble. 
The idea is wrong.  In sleep there was no world, no ego and no trouble.
Something wakes up from that happy state and says “I”.
To that ego the world appears.
It is the rise of the ego that is the cause of the trouble.
But trace the ego to its origin, and you will reach that undifferentiated happy source,
a state which is sleepless sleep.
The Self is ever there;
wisdom only appears to dawn, though it is natural.
Conscious death and conscious immortality (while still in the flesh)
is the purpose of evolution.
Sri Ramana Maharshi




“To know ourselves as silent open awareness is limitless freedom.”


Stuart Swartz

No pushing
No grasping
No beliefs
No concepts
No right
No wrong
 You before all that
Right now!”

“It is because you think yourself big enough to be affected by the world. You are so small that nothing can pin yourself down. It is your mind that gets caught, not you. Know yourself as you are – a mere point in consciousness, dimensionless and timeless. You are like the point of the pencil – by mere contact with you the mind draws its picture of the world. You are single and simple – the picture is complex and extensive. Don’t be misled by the picture – remain aware of the tiny point – which is everywhere in the picture.

What is, can cease to be; what is not, can come to be; but what neither is nor is not, but on which being and non-being depend, is unassailable; know yourself to be the cause of desire and fear, itself free from both.”

Excerpt from I Am That, Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

” Experience and knowledge are inside. How can their object be outside?

It follows that there is nothing outside: all is within.

What is within is Myself, and therefore the experiencer and experience are one and the same, that is Myself.”

Atma Nirvariti

Freedom and Felicity in the Self by Sri Atmananda – Sri Krishna Melon-

Image“The Headless Way – in contrast to those that combine Eastern spirituality with Western psychotherapy – is not concerned with deliberately watching the processes of the mind, or with the psychological probing as such, or with meditation aimed at raising repressed mental material to the surface; or (for that matter) with stilling the mind. Rather it takes the line of Ramana Maharshi who taught: “To inhere in the self is the thing. Never mind the mind.” And of the Chang Chen Chi, who (in his valuable guide The practice of Zen) points out that Zen isn’t interested in the many aspects and strata of the mind but in penetrating to its core, “for it holds that once this core is grasped, all else will become relatively insignificant and crystal clear.”  Our own position in this; of course it’s crucial that our psychological problems – in fact what ever thoughts and feelings happen to arise – should be clearly seen for what they are, but always along with What they are coming from, along with Who is supposed to have them.  Their Seer must not be lost sight of. The clinical value of modern psychotherapeutic techniques isn’t in question, nevertheless our radical answer to psychological problems (as to all the rest) is two way attention –  simultaneously looking in at this absolutely stainless and pollution-free and unproblematical Nothingness and out at whatever murky problem is presenting. Their ultimate solutions lies in firmly placing them off-Centre where murky things belong, not in trying to clear up the murk itself. To use the matchless Eastern image, it’s a hugely reassuring fact that the purest and most exquisite flowers – the lotus of enlightenment – blooms in the muddiest and unhealthiest of lowland swamps, amid the mire of the passions, of all  that sordid an silly mind-stuff, of all our evil and pain. Clean up the swamp (what a hope!) or try to transplant the lotus amid the aseptic upland snows of an otherworldly and esoteric spirituality, and it withers. Zen goes so far as to say that the passions are enlightenment, the swamp is the lotus.”

Excerpt from D E Harding “On Having No Head”

“Everything, Everything, Everything is Consciousness
Everything you see, Everything said, Everything felt.
Nothing is personal because You are Everything.
Everything down to the last mosquito flying to its death on your windshield is Consciousness.
You are Consciousness.
You appear to be the person so you may think that you are the person
but you are playing the part of a person, an extra in this vast play of Consciousness.
Self-importance is an erroneous concept because you are Everything,
When you are conscious of being Everything, you know that Everything must be as Everything is.
Nothing can be different because nothing is separate from the whole play.
When we stop seeing and speaking and feeling the game of non-inclusiveness, the play shifts,
and still it shifts for no one, because you are Consciousness,
the witness of Everything with a front row life.
So ask yourself:
Are you enjoying the play?
Do you play well with others?
Do you think that you can make a difference?
When do you think you will feel satisfied or complete?
What is before all ideas and concepts?”
Stuart Swartz

” Experience and knowledge are inside. How can their object be outside?

It follows that there is nothing outside: all is within.

What is within is Myself, and therefore the experiencer and experience are one and the same, that is Myself.”

Atma Nirvariti

Freedom and Felicity in the Self by Sri Atmananda – Sri Krishna Melon-