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“To know ourselves as silent open awareness is limitless freedom.”


Stuart Swartz


Douglas Harding

“Seeing Who one is occurs out of time because seeing Who one is is God seeing Who He is and God doesn’t see from half past three until quarter to four. God sees out of time and one’s seeing is not Douglas seeing that he is really God, it is God seeing that He is really God. It is out of time and so in that sense one doesn’t see all the time or for some of the time, or in time. One sees out of time. Yet there is another sense of course in which one can say that one’s seeing is intermittent, more continuous. That is the common-sense way of talking about it and we speak of people who flash into their Emptiness and then forget it, for months and months, and then meet a seer, or someone, and flash in again. There is a sense in which this does happen. It is a provisional way of speaking. Even for such people it is really out of time.” (Douglas Harding. Quoted from Seeing Who You Really Are by Richard Lang.)


” The search itself is the trap.  You are already what you are seeking.  You think there is something to attain or to get.  You have never been anything other than that, and never could be.  We hear that, but how many of us really take a good look at it and stick with it, hang onto it?  What do we do?  ‘That is not good enough!’  We will race away and look at somebody else.  We will go to somebody else, hear somebody else, read another book or do this or do that, thinking we will get the answer somewhere else.  But the only place the answer is, is with you..  It is not with anybody else.  You already are that.  You can’t be anything else other than that.”

Sailor Bob Adamson

“If it’s not here now, it’s not real.

Life only happens now.

You are not your history. And if you’re not your history, that takes away all the problems to work on, doesn’t it? “

Hale Dwoskin

Happiness and bliss are synonymous.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the world in which we live.
In this world all kinds of things happen and we believe we have to live a certain kind of life to be happy.
 We believe we have to have certain kinds of possessions to be happy.  It’s all false.
 It is the happiness that will bring the good to you.  It’s the opposite. It is the reverse.
 In other words if you want to be happy; happiness is the same as abundance, health, joy peace, harmony.
 These things come to you as a result of your happiness.  It is the other way around.
  I’m saying too you be happy first, and the other things will come to you, on its own volition.  Ponder this.
 Robert Adams

“Q: You said that everybody you met has garbage, so I gave up hope.

P: But I said throw away the garbage. Did you do it?

Q: No.

P: So you’re right; there is no hope.  Hope itself is garbage. Expectation is garbage. Expectation to become something else at a  later date is a basket of garbage in your head. If you don’t want to throw it away, if you like it, then keep it. We need someone to  do this job also. Every city needs people to remove the garbage. Since I said throw away the garbage, and you have not thrown, you must like this profession.

Q: I don’t like it.

P: But you said there no hope of throwing away the garbage. What does it mean? If you like garbage, you are garbage. You become what you think. If you think of garbage, you become garbage. At the time you are thinking garbage, at that time, who are you? Who you should be? If you think of garbage at that time, what do you smell all around?

Q: Garbage

P: Garbage, yes. You will be so accustomed to garbage you will live in the garbage dump itself. You will not like to go out of the garbage. This manifestation is garbage. When you give rise to a thought, you invite garbage, and you must suffer. This thought is garbage. When you give rise, all the garbage is manifested suffering, and death manifests.

Don’t give rise to a thought, and tell me. Don’t just listen. This must be experienced. Don’t give rise to this thought “I am so and so”. Don’t give rise to this thought I, and tell me where you are. Don’t think; just do it, and tell me. Where now?

Q: Nowhere

P: In nowhere do you smell garbage?

Q: No

P: So stay there in nowhere, and what is the problem here?

Q: It’s a problem that I can’t find any difficulty.

P: Go deeper and tell me again. Look underneath. It is fathomless. Go down deeper and tell me. Don’t think. Thinking is garbage. Go deeper.  You said the problem is that there is no problem. Go deeper below this and see.

Q: I am free.

P: Free of problems and free of no problems.

So what have you done to be free? Look within yourself and what do you see? Don’t look here and there or nowhere. Then this look is no-look. this look is consciousness it self. Where there is no there and no here and no where, this is consciousness itself, from where everything arises and falls.

Everything arises and everything falls. And you are not touched. These manifestations, destructions, dissolutions – you are not touched, not affected in the least. This manifestation is a painting in the emptiness. Can you paint a picture in space? This is a picture, called manifestation, painted into the empty space.

So when you look within, this picture has never been painted. Nobody can ever paint a picture in empty space. You need some wall on which to paint, some canvas on which to paint, some screen on which to paint.

Become the screen and see this painting of manifestation. Actually nothing ever existed. Nothing is still existing. Nothing will exist. This is the ultimate truth, and just by losing I, it is realized.

What is the difficulty? You are not to go anywhere. Simply keep quiet and question. “Who am I? Where am I? What do I want?” And you get the answer instantly.

Once you know, you cannot get out of it. Everywhere you move, you move in consciousness. Before, the levels were different, from unconsciousness to unconsciousness. You were getting lost.

Consciousness alone is, and nothing ever exists beyond this consciousness. Once having known it, you become one with consciousness. There is not subject and no object. there is no experience, and none experienced. This is called freedom from everything.

This the moment, this instant, we are speaking about. I believe you are in the instant. If there is any problem, ask me.

I want you to enter directly into experience and not to understand intellectually. This intellect takes the form of what you think, and you may be cheated again. Everything that you think, that thought manifests.

Once upon a time, you had thought about it, and there it is! Great luck!

Totally conscious is I. All this is I. All the I‘s are within this I. This is total I, in which past, present and future appear.”

excerpt from Papaji Wake Up and Roar by HWL Poonja

“Have you seen the mind, really? It ‘s a ghost. It doesn’t really exist. As soon as you desire something, this ghost of a mind arises. If you desire anything, then this ghost of the mind will trouble you. Get rid of desire, and where is the mind?

Where there is desire, there is trouble. You can live very well without the mind. Without the mind, you are wise; with the mind, you are stupid. Desire nothing and you are emperor of this kingdom. You are peace, beauty, and love. Reject the mind for some time and see.

In the evening you go on the road; you see a snake and you are afraid. You pick up a stick and you beat it. It doesn’t move and you see it is a rope. Fear is gone and you throw away the stick.

If you address the mind with “Who are you?” it will disappear. Look at the snake of the mind and discover if it is real. Thoughts are impediments to seeing your own face. Don’t give rise to any thought, and discover who you are.”

Papaji Wake Up and Roar by HWL Poonja

” The trance of the mind starts with an unarisen thought. This thought then arises. Unarisen has to arise. What the wave was before was unarisen in the ocean.

So look at the unarisen wave. Waveless space. Look, before it arises, and nip the bud itself. I am asking you to not allow the wave to arise. Before the rise of the wave, it is unarisen thought. Thought has to arise, then arising, then trouble, right? It goes, and then another one comes. Unarisen, arising and then falling. This is the process of life. Realising this is checking the trance of the mind.

Right now, simply invite an unarisen thought. This is to see the den of the bandits, from where they will come to steal and break into your house. Bring up a thought now; invite an unarisen thought to come.(silence)

Now invite a thought. Have a thought come. this is checking the train of the mind. This is vigilance. This is watchfulness. This must be your habit! And this is a natural happiness also. It doesn’t cost you anything.

If you allow a thought to arise, you are in trouble. Then there is the cycle of endless troubles. If you are not vigilant it will arise, and this rise is called samsara.”

Papaji Wake Up and Roar by HWL Poonja


“Q: Something I don’t understand: Usually, in my life, I have a lot of energy to create things and do things. Now this is the second time I’ve come here. It’s like I’ve taken a drug – it’s nice, but the whole day I’m finished. Is all my energy and creativity just mind?

P: Yes! (enormous laughter)

Q: But I can’t lie in bed all day.

P: It’s your energy that brings you here, and when you get here, this same energy is quiet.

Q: But how am I going to do anything?

P: You will do wonderfully well by not doing! You simply stay quiet. Something else is going to take charge of you. You simply watch what happens, and you keep quiet.

You don’t keep quiet; therefore, you are in trouble. Just keep quiet, and let something arise from within: that peace you have never seen before. Keep quiet for some time, and it will reveal itself. This is my advice!”

Papaji Wake Up and Roar – HWL Poonja



“The waves are always washing against the shore. This is their movement and their noise. One day a little wave saw a large, old wave come rolling in from far away. The little wave asked the old wave, “Have you heard of the ocean? Is there really such a thing?”

The old wave replied with a crashing roar, “I, too, have heard talk of the ocean, but I have never seen it with my own eyes”.

The waves, their movement and sound – this is called samsara. This is the illusory separateness that causes suffering.”

HWL Poonja (Papaji) – Wake Up and Roar