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Range is what matters. Move in towards yourself, and you have a long succession of perishing appearances. Move all the way in, and you are the Imperishable Reality they are appearances of. If you want to be Yourself and no longer a shadow of Yourself, if you want to be Real, you must break the habit of continually leaping out of yourself in the effort to see yourself from out there as others see you, and cultivate the habit of sitting at Home and seeing yourself as you see yourself. (Douglas Harding. Look For Yourself.)



Douglas Harding

“Seeing Who one is occurs out of time because seeing Who one is is God seeing Who He is and God doesn’t see from half past three until quarter to four. God sees out of time and one’s seeing is not Douglas seeing that he is really God, it is God seeing that He is really God. It is out of time and so in that sense one doesn’t see all the time or for some of the time, or in time. One sees out of time. Yet there is another sense of course in which one can say that one’s seeing is intermittent, more continuous. That is the common-sense way of talking about it and we speak of people who flash into their Emptiness and then forget it, for months and months, and then meet a seer, or someone, and flash in again. There is a sense in which this does happen. It is a provisional way of speaking. Even for such people it is really out of time.” (Douglas Harding. Quoted from Seeing Who You Really Are by Richard Lang.)


To get to Heaven, let life floor you. Life is guaranteed to do just that, to let you down – all the way into the Safety Net that will never let you down. Life is guaranteed to disappoint. But expect nothing of the Nothing that underscores life, and it cannot disappoint. Also expect everything of it, and again it cannot disappoint. It’s being so mock-modest in our demands on life, expecting something of it – this or that particular rose, and with no thorns attached, at that – which is the stress-maker, and prevents our enjoyment of the rose-garden. (Douglas Harding. Head Off Stress.)